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Destination Weddings

Have you always wanted to get married on white sandy beaches, or by tropical palm trees?  Destination Weddings are the answer!  Why not fly all of your family to a tropical destination so that you can get a vacation out of it as well, because how often can you get your family and friends together and go on a trip all at once, while celebrating the most important day of your life?

We will assit you in finding the perfect destination for your event, as well as organizing all of your bookings for your guests including their transportation, accommodations, food etc. Doing this alone can be a huge stress ball in itself, so let us take care of all of your realtives and friends in answering any questions pertaining to the event, so that you can enjoy the planning process with us.

Client's may think that a Destination Wedding will cost an arm and a leg, but truthfully, it may work out to be more cost efficient!

Our Destination Wedding Packages include but not limited to:
•  Everything from the Full Wedding Package
•  Assistance in gaining group rates for all travel expenses for your guests
•  Organization of all bookings from your guests
•  Dealing with the preferred vendors over seas
•  On-Site management of vendors & guests at the destination of your choice
•  Assistance in gaining group rates for Travel & Medical Coverage

Basic Packages start at $4000 per event, where each package is customizable to fit your budget

Contact us for more details and rates (604) 897-4102 or
Email us at: