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-Jasmine & Royce Singh-
Married on August 20/21, 2010

"Royce & I would like to say just onw word about the service provided by you: PRICELESS!  Honestly, hiring you was the best decision that we made.  Pardip, we only hired you as an "Event Coordinator" but you went above and beyond your role and helped Royce and I with so many different aspects of planning our wedding.  You met with us once a month and made sure we were on track.  You recommended different vendors and also took it upon yourself to contact many of them for us. 

When Royce & I were undecided about certain things (ie. DJ) you gave us advice and guidance & assisted us in making the right decisions.  For one year, Pardip, you were one of the most important persons in our lives.  There weren't many conversations that Royce & I had without your name being mentioned.  You were our lifeline.  It was very comforting to know that if we were in a jam, that we could count on you.  You made us feel comfortable and at ease with just about everything wedding related.  You even played the role of a dear friend to me many times when I was stressed.

You always made me feel like everything would be ok...which it eventually always was :)  You and your staff were kind, considerate & caring to not only us but to all of our guests.  Since our wedding, we've had many people approach us to tell us the very same thing.  We say that your service was Priceless because you can't put a price on how happy Royce & I feel looking back on our wedding and reception day.  We know that you & your staff played key roles in making sure everything went according to plan.  You made the vision that Royce & I had of our "perfect wedding" come true.  No family member or friend would've been able to fulfill the role that you played on those days.  The burden & stress that many families feel during weddings was not felt at our events thanks to you guys.  Your service was incredible not to mention exceptional!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You've made our dreams come true!"