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-Joti & Justin Sunner-
Married August 6/7th, 2011

This was the first wedding for both families and we needed help with structuring of the wedding day because both families are known to be late! When we told people (young and old) that we had a Wedding Planner, typical responses were “Why would you need a Wedding Planner?” “We’ve never heard of Indian people getting Wedding Planners” “How hard is it to plan a wedding, we’ve been to hundreds of weddings, we know what to do.”  The day after the reception, these same people along with everyone who attended our wedding festivities stated, “That was the most organized wedding we’ve been to!” “Your wedding was so classy and everything ran so smoothly” “We’ve never been to an Indian Reception with table seating, how did you pull that off?!” and lastly, “Who were those girls dressed in black and what was the name of your wedding planner!”

Even with years of planning, and with the bride and groom in charge of all of the decisions, it felt great to have a third person completely share with us the burdens of our planning and organization! But, you cannot share these burdens with anyone.  It has to be someone you trust, someone that you know shares and fully understands your visiom, and someone who will absolutely make sure that everything will be perfect for you on your wedding day.  Pardip Bedi did all of this for us, and most importantly, always with a smile on her face!  We could both relax, enjoy our wedding and soak up every single moment without having to worry about any of the major or minor details.

There was never a problem that Pardip couldn’t solve.  She helped us with so many last minute, actually last second things that if she had not been there, we would have been left stranded.  For example, the Groom (Justin), had his speech on his cell, and he needed a print out.  He told Pardip when we arrived at the Reception!  It wasn’t a printable file and it wouldn’t open on an Ipad, but somehow Pardip managaed to get the DJ’s laptop abd copy and paste the speech onto it!  She got it on just in time for the groom’s speech!

We highly recommend Pardip Bedi and Big Phat Indian Weddings.  It was hard for people to put into words how they felt about our wedding festivities, but everyone kept telling us that the tone of our wedding was very “Different” from other weddings.  We kept hearing the words “classy” and “organized”.  These same sentiments are true for Pardip.  Thank you for everything!!!!