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"A Huge thank you to Big Phat Indian Weddings! Pardip, you and your girls made our Mother's Day High Chai event a breeze. Your timelines were perfect and exact to the minute!  Your girls handled our event so professionally and seamlessly.  There was no lapse in the program and our guests were treated to a timely and organized event! You girls are amazing!"

- Cindy Kelly, Cindy's Wedding Centre & Citara Events, 2015 -

Pardip and her team of professionals are a pleasure to work with. We strongly give Big Phat Indian Weddings a BIG 2 thumbs up !!
-VIP Bartending and Event Planning-

"Loved meeting and working with Pardip & Co. earlier this year. hands down, best wedding i've been to / been a part of, largely because of Pardip's attention to detail and organization. and she managed to do it all with a smile on her face and a box of emergency safety pins in hand. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!"
-Client's Family, 2010-