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-Money & Amol  -


Married on August 1, 2015


Everyone always says, we've had so many weddings in the family we know exactly what to do. Is what I kept hearing when I first thought of hiring BIG PHAT INDIAN WEDDINGS as our wedding planners. Even my fiancé felt the same way. As time passed, and we worked closely with Pardip, she turned out to be an angel in disguise. Having a dream, and a vision that most people find difficult to understand Pardip made into a reality. One of the best wedding investments I would say is BIG PHAT INDIAN WEDDINGS. Hardworking, dedicated, and best of all such a kind and loving person.

Our wedding day, went by without a glitch. My parents felt so relaxed, knowing that Pardip and her team were taking care of everything at the Gurdwara. They didn't feel any stress, and loved how Pardip handled the morning photo session at home with my family.

My dad really wanted the wedding to be completed by 12, that was his main stress. Little to his surprise, both Amol and I were married at 11:30am. It was such a relaxed wedding, and in no way did both of our families feel rushed.

We also highly appreciate how Pardip dealt with all the wedding vendors. As many of you who are in the process of planning a wedding, or planned one would have to agree that dealing with wedding vendors is not the easiest part. Having Pardip by our side, made it less stressful and we both feel because she was on our team, every vendor delivered to their best abilities.

Pardip, everyone throughout the wedding kept telling us our wedding felt the most relaxed, and enjoyable weddings they've ever attended. Thank you for making our dreaming wedding perfect!!! Sending you lots of good wishes!!! -Amol and Money-