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~Jas & Cody King ~
Married June 11, 2011

We had an Indian Ceremony & we needed someone to guide Cody’s family through all the Indian traditions as well as someone to interpret the language barriers.  An event planner was helpful with easing my (bride) stress the week of the wedding as we were very big on time management and Big Phat Indian Weddings helped so much!

Cody & I were so pleased with Big Phat Indian Weddings and our wedding day was absolutely perfect!  Your service helped the day go very smoothly and all of our family and friends were so happy with your services as well.  All of your staff were so professional and easy to work with.  All the events were right on schedule which was one of the most important things to Cody & I.  If I did it all over again, I’d do it the same.  We were both at ease on our big day and we knew that Pardip had everything under control and were confident.  We cannot express how happy we were with Big Phat Indian Weddings! I highly recommend your services to friends and family!