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-Divya & Tarun Bajaj-
Married on May 23, 2010

Dearest Pardip Bedi and her team at Big Phat Indian Weddings,

I felt like a true princess on my wedding day. I was relaxed; I was having a great time. It was nice to see everyone turn up for my wedding. I was emotional during my doli while I was leaving my parents. And I was having a blast during my reception. I was not at all worried about our timelines, or schedule of events. I wasn’t worried if the cake was in the right place or if everyone was following our seating chart.  Several times I saw my parents smile. All this was possible because of you and your team Pardip. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you came into my life. Over the many months that we were planning my wedding, we met on several occasions. She was on my speed dial and Im sure she got tired of me calling her constantly.  There were days that I told her to meet me at my house at 6am! But she has a personality that is charming and easy to talk to. She communicates effectively and comes up with great ideas. She is so organized and highly professional. I love her charts and spreadsheets! She is also very good at keeping stress levels low. She encouraged me to make my decisions on time, and understood why I just wanted to go with one vendor over another.

During the wedding week, I got to meet her team and we had several meetings on how the execution of the week was going to take place. She helped me organize all my guests arrival times and departure times. She designated at least one of her team members to be at certain locations at all times. Her team would always arrive personally at the venue way ahead of schedule to see if everything was running on schedule.
During the event, her team was constantly smiling and greeting guests.  They were dressed impeccably and looked like they were there to work! Several guests came up to me after my wedding and commented on the teams approachable nature and professional demeanor.

Without a doubt I would personally recommend Big Phat Indian Weddings to be your wedding coordinators for your wedding or event. You can leave all the work and stress up to them, and you can actually enjoy your wedding. Your wedding will turn out beautiful and even better than you imagined it.