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-Harj Uppal-
Married on May 25, 2012

I'd like to give a big thank you to the Big Phat Indian Weddings team for helping to make our wedding unbelievable! Many people that attended the wedding came to me and said that it was the best outdoor wedding they had ever been to.  My husband's grandfather's exact words were, "I've been to so many weddings in my lifetime but I have never seen anything like this."  The wedding was extremely organized, thanks to the BPIW team.  One of my big reasons for hiring BPIW was to ensure that my family would stay stress free on the wedding day.  Thanks to BPIW, this goal was achieved.  They kept everything organized, everything from parking, food, decor, and timing.  Handling over 700 guests is not an easy task but BPIW was able to handle the crowd with ease and always had smiles on their faces.  The guests were very pleased with BPIW`s services and their polite manner in dealing with the events of the day.  I would definitely recommend the BPIW team if you would like to have your wedding day run smoothly.  It had always been a childhood dream of mine, to get married in my backyard...thanks to all my vendors and BPIW, my dream came true...the day turned out to be much more than I could ever have expected :)