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-Heather & Amn Johal-
Married on September 3/4, 2010

"From our first meeting with Pardip, we could tell our wedding was in good hands.  Being hyper organized, I thought I had thought of everything, but of course, there were details that hadn't even crossed my mind.  When I attempted to give Pardip the heads up, she simply smiled and let me know that they were all taken care of.

On the day of our weddings, both us, our families and our bridal party were able to enjoy the festivities, simply because Pardip was there and available anytime something came.  It was a wonderful feeling to know that someone was behind the scenes making sure everything was perfect.  Without a doubt, the best decision we made during our wedding planning was to hire Pardip!  I would be happy to recommend her and her staff to absolutely anyone who wants to have as much of a beautiful and stress free wedding as we did.  Thanks Pardip!"