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Travelling Before or After Your Wedding?

Whether it be for your Bachelor's Party, Stagette's, Honeymoon or any travel, purchasing Travel Insurance is a MUST!

We are not saying accidents always happen, but they can.  What if you are snorkeling in the Carribean waters, and you hit your head into the boat, or if you slip and fall accidentally on a slippery deck?

What if you are in Las Vegas, and the heat is too much for you to handle, and need to be seen by a doctor? We all know that medical costs in the United States are ridiculous!

What would you pay for peace of mind?

For a few cents a day, travel insurance protects you, the ones you love, and your belongings from the financial nightmare of an accident or sudden illness on a trip, and from unexpected expenses if you miss a flight or if your luggage is stolen.

Are you a Canadian resident?
Many provincial or territorial health insurance plans only cover you for specific health expenses incurred in your home province or territory.

Are you relying on credit card insurance?
Some credit cards do offer travel insurance, but that only covers trip cancellations, not for if you end up in the hospital and are having to end up paying thousands of dollars!

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Without adequate travel insurance, a broken arm from being hit by a car could cost you or your family thousands of dollars in unplanned bills for medication, doctor visits and hospital stays, as well as additional daily expenses.

Spend a little now—and save a whole lot later. Why wouldn't you get travel insurance?

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