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Why Choose Us?

At Big Phat Indian Weddings, we will turn around your whole wedding week and make sure it is exactly how you want it.  We have experience in dealing with all of the details to ensure your event is a complete success! The planner will do everything that you would expect other's to do, and more!

Perks of Having an Event Planner Include but not limited to:
Preferred Rates with vendors
Your dream wedding will be created within your budget
No need to run around, and visit vendors time after time
No last minute pick up's and drop off's of wedding's equipment, flowers, outfits etc.
Your event will be on-time
A Go-To person is always available on the day of your wedding

We will save you enough money in booking all of your vendors, that our Wedding Packages end up being paid for within your savings.  We are like no other company, in the sense that we can relate to the Indian culture and the traditions that go on with events, without forgetting about our roots.

Amongst our staff, we can speak 5 Languages to satisfy your guests whom may not speak English as their primary language.  We not only do Weddings, we also manage/plan Bridal Showers, Stags, Corporate Events, Social Events, Concerts and Family Events.

Contact us for your Complimentary Consultation today!